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A Note Of Thanks

It is with great pride and gratitude that I write this letter to all of you. It has been a remarkable year for our Foundation thanks to you, the Huntington Community and our many sponsors and benefactors. The Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education is a 501 (c)(3) organization that works with the Huntington School District to raise funds for the purpose of awarding grants to teachers in the district to further grow their programs and enrich the education of every child in the district.

Since its inception in 1993, over $1.1 million dollars has been funded through HFEE, and our
foundation has made remarkable strides in the introduction of many programs that otherwise
would never have been implemented by the district budget alone.

Our largest fundraiser is the Annual Reach for the Stars Gala. Mark your calendars for our
25th Anniversary Gala to be held on Thursday March 15th 2018 at Oheka Castle. Please
refer to the listing of our sponsors for 2016-2017 in this newsletter and on our website www. and remember to patronage their business to show your gratitude for
their support of HFEE! With the increasing interest in STEM initiatives in education combined with the popularity and excellence of our fine arts program and the diversity of our district, we have won the attention of many benefactors who are very interested in what we do.

Thank you especially to Mr. Jim Polansky, the Huntington School Board, administration, teachers,aides and district employees as well.

We are a passionate and very committed group of volunteers who continue to strive to enhance
the education of EVERY child in Huntington. I am forever grateful to the amazing HFEE team
including all executive board and youth board members as well as volunteers. Your tireless
commitment to our mission is to be commended!

I wish you all a successful school year and thank you for your support of the Huntington
Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Alice Marie Rorke
HFEE President