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Distinguished Woodhull Teacher Allison VonVange To Be Honored With Spirit Award

Nathaniel Woodhull Intermediate School teacher, Ms. Allison VonVange knew she was meant to be a teacher–after all she started her career 23 years ago on her birthday.  She is a lifelong Huntington resident, graduate from Huntington High School class of 1991, former president of the Alumni Association and absolutely loves what she does.  She is an undergrad from St. Joseph’s College and received her masters from SUNY Stony Brook which adds to being the receiver of the 2010 Distinguished Teacher award.  She not only loves teaching but has inspired children to express themselves in the arts as the former director of the school musical, which were always a fantastic performance, for 15 years and the former co-coordinator of a learning experience trip all the 6th grade students take to Greenkill for 17 years.  The impact she has on her students is remarkable and to this day she still has contact with many of her former students, she even has some “grand-students” in her class.

Current Huntington High School student, Abigail Holmes, class of 2020, remarked:  “”Ms. VonVange is one of the kindest, most compassionate, genuine individuals that I have ever met. Her commitment to raising the next generation of thinkers knows no boundaries, and she constantly goes above and beyond to ensure that her students maximize the opportunities they are given. I had the pleasure of being her student six years ago, and maintained contact, demonstrating how much she cares about those that she teaches. I have full confidence she will continue to inspire students in years to come.”

Current Woodhull Intermediate Principal Lara Gonzalez reflected on Ms. VonVange, even though they have only worked together for a short time, she can tell how passionate Ms. VonVange is about her students.   Ms. Gonzalez also stated: “I have seen many examples of Ms. VonVange’s caring and kindness towards her students. She will routinely go out of her way to ensure that students receive the social-emotional, academic, and other supports they need to be successful. Ms. VonVange has numerous contributions to our school she is an enthusiastic and innovative teacher of mathematics, a self-professed “science geek,”, and an avid reader, in which she encourages literacy via book clubs and by sharing her favorite books with her students. The Woodhull community is grateful for Ms. VonVange and I congratulate her for receiving this award. “

Ms. VonVange not only has a love for teaching students but has a love for her community as well.  She works closely with the Helping Hands Rescue Mission and has been the director of their school drive for the last 2 years and was awarded Community Mission partner in 2019.

When Ms. VonVange was asked about her being a teacher she quoted: “I consider it a privilege.  My students have as much to teach me as I do them.  They make me smile every day.  My students are truly “my kids” and they are “my kids” for always! It is not a job I take lightly”

Congratulations to Ms. Allison VonVange for earning HFEE’s Spirit Award as the District Honoree for 2020!