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The Claire Friedlander Family Foundation

HFEE was fortunate enough to receive the support of the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation in the form of a grant with which we purchased a CNC Milling machine for the high school, which will now allow the high school to offer a new “robotics” course this coming school year! Mr. Reynolds will be teaching the class and both he and Principal Cusack are so pleased we can open a class like this to the student body.

“I am so very grateful for HFEE’s help in acquiring a new CNC Milling Machine.” states Brenden Cusack. “This machine is instrumental for our Robotics program and brand new Computer Integrated Manufacturing course. This costly pieceof machinery is essential for the new course to run. With HFEE”s help, we are able to run this exciting and innovative course of study, which will bring new STEM opportunities to a wide array of students from all walks of life. HFEE’s leadership, partnership, dedication and generosity continue to benefit all of Huntington’s students. For this I am truly thankful.”

Brian Reynolds expressed, “I’m so excited that with the help of HFEE and the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, the Technology Department will be bringing the first Project Lead the Way class to Huntington High School this fall! Huntington has partnered with Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to offer a robotics class titled, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). The impact that CIM will have on Huntington High School students will be significant. This class helps students discover and explore manufacturing, process, product design, robotics, and automation and then they apply what they have learned to design solutions for real-world manufacturing problems. PLTW offers curriculum that integrates equipment, technology and supplies into the curriculum to give students hands-on experiences and opportunities to apply what they learn in other classes in a meaningful way. Thanks to HFEE, students have access to such high-tech equipment as a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Router, CNC Laser Cutter and a CNC Milling Machine. They will be using machines and software employed by industry, so that they ca see the real-world implications of what they learn.”