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Do You Know HFEE? Learn What We’re Funding!

You may (or may not) be familiar with HFEE (Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education) but you’ve likely experienced our impact across the district in one form or another. Funding Star Grants and Mini Grants annually, HFEE is responsible for raising funds to support innovative grants across our district. Every fall, HFEE solicits Mini Grant applications (grants under $1,000) from across our schools and selects the grant applications to fund. Every spring HFEE reviews the Star Grant applications (over $1,000) and determines which grants are innovative and enriching, and funds as many as financially possible. The funds raised at our annual Gala generally determine how much is available to fund Mini and Star Grants throughout the district.

We are proud to announce that the the 2018/2019 Mini Grants funded are:

  • A Kinesthetic Math Center for the Kindergarten classes at Jefferson Primary, championed by Mrs. Barth.
  • Bilingual Life Sciences / Biology games to support study and test preparation in HHS Science courses, championed by Mrs. Lorenzana.
  • The formation of the First Lego League Junior team for 2nd and 3rd graders at Flower Hill Primary, championed by Mrs. Laguarda.
  • Leadership curriculum, including games and learning materials for the 3rd Grade Leadership Team at Jefferson Primary, championed by Dr. Oz.
  • A Math and Movement materials for Jefferson Primary, championed by Mrs. Marotta.
  • “STEM Zone” interactive materials for J.A. STEM school 4th grade, championed by Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Plant, and Mrs. Caravetto.
  • Narrative Development Tools for Speech & Language at J.A. STEM, championed by Mrs. Murphy.
  • Friendship Club engagement materials for Finley Middle School, championed by Dr. DiBenedetto & Ms. Carey.

Want to help us fund future grants? Join us at our Gala (tickets on sale now!) or consider supporting HFEE by having your company take a HFEE Sponsorship role or place a Blue Book listing. For more information, contact