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HFEE Opens 2018-19 Grant Applications

The Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education is accepting applications from Huntington School District teachers for it’s 2018/19 Mini and Star Grant programs. Funds are available to any and all teachers for innovative and meaningful ideas to further a fabulous educational experience for students in HUFSD.

The Huntington Foundation has donated well over $1 million to the district through its Mini Grant and Star Grant programs since its founding in 1994 and 25% of that has been in the last 5 years alone. The Huntington Foundation has funded close to $270,000 during this time period, including the Greenkill Fund and Scholarships for graduating seniors. Everything from technology to humanities and the arts has benefited from the organization’s ability to raise funds to fulfill district grant submissions.

Mini Grants, grants which are less than $1000, kick off the grant season with applications due no later than November 30, 2018. Star grants exceed $1,000 and have reached as high as $20,000-plus and are due by February 28, 2019. Both levels of grants support “out-of-the-box” thinking. All district faculty are encouraged to submit any and all ideas that will advance curriculum and the educational experience for students.

This past year HFEE has funded two very forward-thinking grants amongst the many it fulfilled. One such grant, Makerspace, is an inquiry-based learning approach.  It’s not a typical classroom but rather a specific area set aside in the schools (located in the libraries of schools).  Here students can gather to cooperatively investigate a topic or challenge.  It’s mostly self-directed which builds upon student communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. HFEE’s grant supports the supplies (including robots!) to the Primary schools, Woodhull, Finley and HHS.  Another grant which supports both physical and mental needs is the Move and Pedal grant from Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School. This grant funds both stand-up desks as well as desks which allows a student to sit and pedal, as well as a desk with a swing bar for feet. All students need to have physical movement throughout the day and some really need to be able to continue some level of movement on a more consistent basis. These various types of desks allow for students to move while they listen and learn. They can achieve improved academic performance and greater focus while having an outlet to reduce stress and anxiety.

“The Huntington Foundation board may request for a STAR grant submitter to appear before the board members and give a brief presentation and answer any associated questions,” said Susan Lyons, who serves as the organization’s vice president of grants and grant administration. “We started this practice two years ago and it was a great success giving both presenter and HFEE board members a much better understanding and insight into each particular program or idea. All presentations will be brief (10–15 minutes maximum) with a simple question and answer follow up.”

The Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education is a not-for-profit organization. It will hold its 26th annual Reach for the Stars fundraising gala on Friday, March 8. This year HFEE is proud to honor long time Principal of J. Taylor Finley Middle School, John Amato.  The community honoree this year is Dr. Inna Gellerman DDS, of Gellerman Orthodontics in Huntington. Dr. Gellerman is not only a longtime supporter of HFEE but supports several organizations throughout HUFSD as well as in the community.

For more information about the two grant programs contact Ms. Lyons at or (631) 673-5344.

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