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Honoree Memento Photo Books Presented to Mr. Polansky

The HFEE board presented Mr. Polansky with a memento book from the 2022 HFEE Gala. It included messages of congratulations from the community. It’s safe to say he enjoyed it!

HFEE Photobook

The memento book was born from a new fundraising idea, called “30 for $30,” that the HFEE board implemented. For a thirty-dollar donation, friends, family, and colleagues of the gala honorees were able to write congratulations messages in a lasting and memorable way through a personalized note of up to 30 words long (or up to 130 characters). The messages were shared digitally on screen at the gala and were captured in a book after the event.

The board plans to continue this tradition for the next HFEE Gala.