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The Huntington Foundation Announces 2018 Honorees

On behalf of the Huntington Foundation, we proudly announce that we have chosen our esteemed honorees for this year’s 2018 gala. This year’s choices are especially prominent as they will be honored as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the Foundation—a not-to-be missed season of celebration culminating in the Foundation’s annual Reach for the Stars gala. With an extremely competitive field of exemplary choices for honorees, it is with great pleasure that the Foundation announces we have selected Jarrett Stein, Assistant Principal at Woodhull School, and Bob and Rich McKean, co-owners of Main Street Nursery, as the District Honoree and Community Honoree(s), respectively.

Mr. Jarrett Stein is an easily recognized figure to all who have passed through the halls of Woodhull Intermediate School over the years and has had immeasurable impact on the hearts and minds of the district’s children for nearly two decades. Serving our district’s administration through both Huntington High School and Woodhull Intermediate, Mr. Stein’s tireless efforts have directly influenced everything from school safety and alternative education to simply addressing the day-in and day-out needs of our community’s children and parents. His presence is often remarked upon by parents and community leaders as simply being approachable, supportive, caring, and keeping the best interests of the child in mind.

While the highlights of Mr. Stein’s illustrious career are impressive and numerous, some achievements stand out among the rest. Championing “Eli’s March Madness”, Mr. Stein’s efforts to help raise awareness, support and funds on behalf of Eli Mollineaux through the annual Woodhull Intermediate vs. Huntington High basketball game. He is also responsible for the management, introduction, and training of all safety protocol throughout the district, regularly studying under the direction of the FBI and Secret Service to ensure the district is operating under the highest level and most modern and advanced security standards available.

However, it isn’t the high-profile activities or the critical responsibilities that drive Mr. Stein’s dedication. For Mr. Stein, the highest priority is seemingly the simplest—setting up our students to be happy and successful. From helping underprivileged children get new bikes to simply being present in every child’s life, Mr. Stein’s calling is exactly what we all hope for our children—to have someone constantly and consistently in their corner, instilling confidence, independence and happiness.

The Foundation’s President Alice Marie Rorke commented, “Honoring Mr. Stein in this capacity is our way of recognizing the great people who support our children and lead our district to unparalleled successes. We believe that Mr. Stein is beyond worthy of this achievement and we look forward to presenting him with this distinguished honor next year.”

As Community Honoree, Main Street Nursery, co-owned by brothers Bob and Rich McKean, is a mainstay throughout Huntington and beyond. Well known for its expansive and impressive array of botanical offerings, Main Street Nursery is a destination for horticulturists, weekend gardeners, landscapers, and the community at large. With its koi ponds, petting zoo attractions and endless marvels to explore, the McKean brothers bring their inspired visions to delight all who visit. But their contributions to the town of Huntington do not end at their physical boundaries.

One doesn’t have to look too far to appreciate the widespread efforts of Main Street Nursery’s contributions to Huntington. For years, they have maintained some of the most prominent and highly trafficked areas in our town, beautifying spaces that might otherwise be overlooked or left in disarray—and all as a gift to our town. The traffic circles at the post office and by Mill dam are just a few of the locations they maintain with attentive weekly care and seasonal updates that inspire and impress all who pass by. In addition, they routinely open Main Street Nursery to a myriad of events for the public, from hosting holiday BBQs and fall festivals to inviting those attending Huntington High School prom to take beautiful pre-prom photos with their nursery as a scenic backdrop. At nearly every turn one can find Main Street Nursery working tirelessly to contribute to a more beautiful and scenic Huntington village.

The McKean brothers’ involvement in the local charitable organizations is also extensive and driven by a passion to give back to the greater Huntington community. As active members of the community, they make it a priority to try to fulfill as many charitable requests as possible, donating their support to raffle tables and floral arrangements throughout the year to an endless array of events, including but not limited to the Whaling Museum, Caumsett, the Huntington Historical Society, the Cinema Arts Center, the Family Service League and especially the Huntington Foundation’s annual gala, where they donated all the floral centerpieces and table displays with the same care and attention they would a VIP client.

“The Huntington community has long appreciated the contributions of the McKean brothers and Main Street Nursery. We are so incredibly grateful for their generosity to the community and for supporting our great town and school,” said Mrs. Rorke.

The Huntington Foundation looks forward to honoring both Jarrett Stein and Rich and Bob McKean at the 25th Anniversary Reach for the Stars gala as well as throughout the year. We invite the community to join us in recognizing the contributions of both our District and Community honorees.