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Introducing the HFEE Youth Board and Intern

Creation of the Huntington Foundation’s youth board is effort by the organization to gather together a group of students and use their combined knowledge to benefit those of every grade level across the district.

The lucky students working together this year for the board include graduating seniors Joe Mangan (HFEE Student Intern), Nick Lanzisero, Kayla Ryan, and Charlie Ehrman (Video Producer). New members include Seniors Alexa Cassar and Katy Dara. Members of the group were selected with input from Principal Brenden Cusack and college counselor Bernadette Walsh.

“Each of the youth board members are being asked to volunteer six hours a month, assisting the Huntington Foundation with its work from filming and editing grants awarded and how the district has benefitted from them to increasing the amount of HFEE website visitors and marketing the brand. The six youth board members will also serve as liaisons to the district’s individual schools, helping to ascertain the needs of teachers and encouraging them to submit grant applications. “Real life experience in event planning was also gained as they assisted with the very successful annual gala at OHEKA castle on March 2nd, 2017” Huntington Foundation President Alice Marie Rorke said.

The Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education offers a one semester Internship to the student who exemplifies excellent academic standards, with an interest in and passion for fundraising, grant seeking and corporate responsibility. This one credit year long course will be mentored by the President of the Foundation and overseen by the Vice President of Grant Seeking. The Internship will give the applicant valuable insights into a career in fundraising and grant seeking with a focus on marketing and cultivation of client relationships. There will be a chaperoned trip (or two) into the Foundation Center’s NYC headquarters in lower Manhattan for classes. Alanna Harvey (last year’s Intern) described her experience this way “ I loved it! I especially loved working with the youth board on the Gala. I think the Internship really helped me stand out in the college application process. It looked great on my resume to say I was interning for a Charitable Education Foundation!”

“With exposure to such variety in tasks and responsibilities the students will have an opportunity to not only grow in their own areas of expertise, but also develop new interests and talents,” Mrs. Rorke said.
Huntington Foundation officials believe the students will continue to strengthen the organization as it moves forward into a new era.
For further information visit our website at or to apply for the Youth Board or Internship contact Bernadette Walsh at