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Inspiring & Sustaining Smiles Across Huntington, Honoring Dr. Inna Gellerman

Dr. Inna Gellerman is passionate that all things can always be done better. From her contributions to the orthodontic community to her contributions to the Huntington community, Dr. Gellerman’s limitless drive and determination is entrenched in a long history of deeply intertwined professional pursuits and philanthropic activity.

With roots in the Soviet Union, Dr. Gellerman is inspired by a family lineage of engineers who approached problems committed to finding the best solutions. As an orthodontist, Dr. Gellerman was one of the first on Long Island to bring Acceledent, Propel and SureSmile systems to her practice. Utilizing cutting-edge advanced orthodontic technology, Dr. Gellerman’s visionary approach to orthodontics enables Gellerman Orthodontics to serve much of our children’s needs while reducing the time required to complete procedures and care.

HFEE President Alice Marie Rorke shared “Inna and I met about 12 years ago while working together through the Junior Welfare League of Huntington. I was immediately drawn to her warm nature, her concern for the underserved, her drive for excellence and her kind and generous heart.  I am continually impressed with her level of dedication and focus to whatever project on which she is working. She gives the Huntington Community everything she can, sharing her time, talent and resources for the betterment of the community. I am proud to call her my friend!”

Dr. Gellerman’s interest and commitment to the advancement and utilization of technology extends far past her own practice. In fact, Dr. Gellerman’s contributions to the Huntington Robotics team during its founding helped ensure we could provide Huntington’s newest engineers with what they needed to form and launch a successful team. Supporting innovative educational programs such as these is a major tenet of Dr. Gellerman’s philosophy of empowering our youth to become tomorrow’s technology adopters and problem solvers.

Funding the Robotics team is just one part of Dr. Gellerman’s ongoing contributions as she has helped sustain HFEE for many years. Serving as one of HFEE’s largest benefactors, Dr. Gellerman has enabled us to fund many of the grants our children enjoy today and will continue to benefit from for years to come.

When you ask Dr. Gellerman what motivates her to stay so committed to the Huntington community, she sparkles. The love Dr. Gellerman has for Huntington is evident, whether she is describing her love the Art Museum at Hecksher Park or the extended community that passes through her doors daily for treatment. The ability to offer dental externships to Huntington students, to provide mouthguard programs to our athletes, and to support both the emotional and physical well-being of her young patients are just a few of the ways Dr. Gellerman has become such a fixture on the Huntington horizon. Among her many philanthropic roles, Dr. Gellerman is also well-known for her involvement on the Pink Aid Advisory Council and Board of the Junior Welfare League of Huntington.

We are so thankful for her incredible support of our schools and honor her contributions today and for years to come.