The HFEE Impact

See how HFEE helps our community

The HFEE Impact

Who We Are

A volunteer group of education supporters who work with a board of directors to fund innovative and exciting educational opportunities for all children in the district. This funding affords our teachers access to educational programs that are not funded by the school budget. Often these new programs are then incorporated into the curriculum on an ongoing basis.

Our Mission

The Huntington Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the Huntington Public Schools in education, the arts and athletics. From state-of-the-art technology and equipment to cutting-edge teaching techniques, the educator-generated grants we fund expand our students’ curriculum as well as their enthusiasm for learning.

Grants Funded By HFEE

HFEE Grants

Your DOnation Matters!

HFEE is a 501(c)(3) organization run entirely by volunteers, and all donations are used to fund grants requested by educators in our district for the well being and educational enrichment of students in the Huntington school district. Every grant request is thoroughly vetted by our board of directors for innovation, size of impact, and sustainability. Your Donation Matters!