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Townwide Fund of Huntington

Every February the 6th grade students of Nathaniel Woodhull Intermediate School and Jack Abrams STEM School attend the Greenkill trip for a 3 night, 4 day adventure that not only impacts their knowledge and appreciation of the environment but fosters individual growth beyond the classroom.

Over the years The Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education has, through various
fundraising efforts, been able to allocate monies to the Greenkill Fund to help offset expenses for students unable to pay the entire cost of the trip. The past two years The Townwide Fund of Huntington has fulfilled this grant to help with the funding. In particular, last year, The Townwide Fund fulfilled 100% of the expense and invested $5,325 in the Greenkill Fund so that the school district could send all students!

Janice Shea, board member of The Townwide Fund of Huntington, states “The Townwide Fund of Huntington strives yearlong to raise charitable funds that stay right here in Huntington. The Fund is honored to have assisted HFEE’s noble work to ensure that every Woodhull 6th grader participates in the Greenkill rite of passage and creates lifelong memories with his or her classmates.”

The Board of Directors of HFEE, along with the HUFSD and the students of the Greenkill trip, extend a heartfelt thanks to the wonderful board and volunteers of The Townwide Fund of Huntington for their incredibly generous funding.